At NIH Research & Consulting (NIHR), we are proud that many of our clients have taken our team with them through multiple roles, mergers, and acquisitions in the healthcare technology arena. Check out our latest testimonial from Christy Wright, Healthcare IT Sales & Marketing Leader. Ms. Wright has successfully utilized NIHR services throughout her career.

“One of the teams I’ve always had by my side has been NIH Research. It’s been incredibly easy to get the NIH team up to speed no matter which company I’ve been working for or with to make our campaigns even more successful. There have been times where I’ve had 11 to 12 campaigns going at any given time. It’s been really critical for me to have a team by my side who makes sure none of those leads fall through the cracks.”

– Christy Wright, Healthcare IT Sales & Marketing Leader

Founded in 1992, NIHR provides professional consulting, specialized market research and lead generation to the healthcare and healthcare information systems industries. NIHR’s educated industry experts develop and implement high-level marketing and sales support services. NIHR excels in delivering informative research and quality leads to clients, and has a proven track record of providing essential market insights to the highly technical healthcare industry.