Why Outsourcing Your Lead
Generation Is A Good Idea

Growth-oriented healthcare technology companies often face a dilemma when it comes to sales: invest in building an in-house lead generation team or hire outside specialists? The wrong decision can mean millions left on the table, negative profit margins, and a frustrated sales team.

If you’re unsure whether to hire internally or outsource,


It takes a lot of time to build an in-house lead generation function. You’ll need to source, attract, recruit, interview, hire, train and retain an entire division while providing constant oversight.

Effective lead generation requires cross-discipline experience and analytical skills in order to separate the good leads from the bad and know where to dig. That kind of experience only comes with time.

Wasted time equals wasted opportunity and building an in-house team carries risks. Alternatively, effective resources can be deployed instantly by partnering with an expert.


  • Those considering an in-house team should keep in mind that average staff turnover rates in the lead generation industry range from 30-45%, according to a Quality Assurance and Training Connection Study.
  • It also requires increased staffing and department infrastructure, including IT support, phone and data networks, employee benefits, human resources, etc.
  • Other costs of hiring internally include office space and maintaining infrastructure such as furniture, computers, and other business equipment.


The overall investment in time and resources associated with building an in-house lead generation team can quickly become an unexpected burden and shift management’s focus away from the most important aspects of your business.


1. Does your current team have the skills and capacity needed to take on the task?

2. Do you have the resources to invest in building out an experienced, full-time lead generation team?

3. Are your primary leads coming from outbound marketing?

If the answer is no, outsourcing may be a better strategy for your business.


  • Outsourcing allows both you and your lead generation partner to focus on your core competencies, helping you achieve your growth goals faster.
  • It saves you time on prospecting, identifying, and setting up meetings between the most qualified leads and your salespeople.
  • It helps you attract top talent. Talented sales professionals prefer to work for companies that aggressively support their field team with qualified lead generation services.


At NIH Research & Consulting (NIHR), we do more than contact leads. Our seasoned staff asks probing questions and collects detailed information to give your sales force a tremendous head start when following up on opportunities.

Our numbers speak for themselves — 97% of our clients are repeat customers and our average staff tenure is over 10 years. Our team has a proven track record communicating with all levels of prospect markets ranging from directors and managers to C-Suite executives. Each of our clients has a dedicated team working on their custom campaign. We know them, and they know us.

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