"Robin and her lead generation team at NIH have consistently exceeded my expectations. When we first hired her company to conduct our lead generation efforts we hoped for a 5 - 6X annual return on investment (ROI). However, within the first fiscal year her team was able to generate a 10X ROI. In addition, her team has always demonstrated professionalism, expertise, and flexibility to our changing campaign needs. On a personal level I have always appreciated their integrity and candor. While they are technically a vendor, they are very much considered part of our team."

Eric Feid
Manager Sales Operations / Marketing at T-System Inc

Best Practices

Best PracticesNIH Research is your highly effective utility vendor for specialized, high priority marketing campaigns. Once you have engaged with us, there are many ways to maximize the reach of our efforts.

Improve Exposure in Targeted Territories

Maximize your presence in each sales representative’s territory. Contracted NIH Research hours can be used to:

  • Generate additional appointments for a representative traveling to a certain area
  • Assist a new-hire in developing a solid lead base
  • Eliminate missed opportunities in an open region or territory

Fulfill Information Requests

Acquiring access to your email exchange server is a proven practice to ensure our collaborative efforts are streamlined. Once it is accessible, NIH Research Consultants relieve marketing departments of various projects and avoid situations whereby an information request slips through the cracks. Some responsibilities the NIH Research team will assume include but are not limited to the following:

  • Fulfill electronic information requests immediately following a request
  • Send collateral with a professional note and representative’s contact information
  • Schedule the callback to glean feedback and discuss next steps

Event Optimization

We maximize your every opportunity to introduce your company to, present to, and educate your prospects or clients. Keeping your name in front of your client/prospects is key! Our dedicated efforts can more than double attendance at your client events such as:

  • Trade shows – Avoid empty booth
  • Webinars – Who’s watching?
  • User group event – We recruit and conduct real time registration

Satisfaction/Reference Campaigns

Our model reinforces your connection to current clients while assessing possible cross-selling and up-selling potential. Our efforts uncover detailed information for you and reinforce to your clients that they matter to you. We carefully massage your invaluable client database to provide the following:

  • Increased client retention and customer satisfaction
  • Keen awareness of up-selling & cross-selling potential
  • Escalated recommendations, endorsements, & referrals