"In the 3 years we have been engaged with NIH Research, they have been continually updating, refining and augmenting our internal database of prospects. NIH Research has been instrumental in infusing 3.6 million dollars into our sales pipeline and have become an integral part of our sales and marketing strategy."

Heather Bahner
Director of Marketing / Netsmart Technologies

Lead Generation

Lead Generation The key to any successful sales process is knowing where to look. With NIH Research & Consulting, LLC (NIHR) on your side, you can be sure that you’re targeting the right potential clients and offering them the services or products relevant to their current needs. Because we focus on the healthcare industry only, we know better than anyone else how to communicate with the key decision makers your company wants to contact. This understanding is why our campaigns are able to:

  • Identify qualified opportunities
  • Increase development of a robust sales funnel/pipeline
  • Cover territory more efficiently
  • Reduce the cost and duration of the sales cycle
  • Increase sales and revenue
  • Enhance strategic positioning
  • Build brand awareness/company name recognition
  • Recover potential missed sales opportunities

Marketing Plan

Our range of contact experience includes hospitals, IDNs, group practices, pharmaceutical organizations, laboratories and more which means we understand the subtle differences in healthcare research that other companies typically miss. And, we appreciate that every group – physicians, chief executives, practice administrators, lab directors and others – each have a certain expectation for sales and marketing communications. The professionals at NIHR know exactly how to reach them all.

See impressive results with a lead generation or market research campaign from NIH Research & Consulting, LLC (NIHR). In fact, we typically enjoy success rates as high as 30% with almost half of those being high-quality “A-level” leads. Whether you have your own database of potential leads or you need NIH Research to procure a viable list on your behalf, our focused lead generation campaigns offer:

  • Better territory coverage
  • Lower cost of sale
  • Shorter sales cycles
  • Stronger deal pipeline
  • Increased market awareness
  • An overview of the marketplace
  • Updated databases with key healthcare contacts
  • Reduction in missed sales opportunities
  • Happier, more productive Sales Representatives

And that’s just the beginning of our scope of services. Once we’ve assembled leads for you, we can help you track them, use them, and much more.

At NIH Research we appreciate that gathering leads is only one important aspect of harvesting important revenue opportunities. That’s why NIH Research also offers a comprehensive set of services to work with your team to maximize your sales opportunities and realize a greater return on your company’s investment of time and money into your market prospecting campaigns.

Project Management

Your assigned NIH Research Project Manager assumes an intricate role inclusive of on-going communication and consultation with you, your dedicated NIH Research Consultants and your sales team. This personalized communication between you and your assigned NIH Research Project Manager ensures that the information that NIH Research provides to you is being both utilized internally in an efficient manner as well as being distributed where it needs to be when it needs to be there.

Multi-Touch Approach

Most companies make the mistake of employing a single touch approach in an attempt to contact a sales prospect universe. NIH Research employs a “multiple touch” methodology of communicating with this universe which significantly improves the chances of reaching the targeted decision maker or makers. NIHR’s multiple touch system was created by our firm and has been highly effective for hundreds of clients for over fourteen years. This market proven continuum of multiple touch outreach directed at the prospect contains but is not limited to the following elements:

  • Production through high volume calling (20 to 30) dials per hour per phone consultant
  • Bonding with the targeted contact’s gatekeeper
  • Establishment work patterns of decision makers
  • Once work patterns have been established call backs are scheduled
  • Exploration and discovery techniques are used determine learn more about the decision process
  • Once the call with the decision maker or makers has been completed appropriate follow up is established
  • Relationship and psychological bonding and credibility are established setting the stage for the further probing setting the stage for the next sales event
  • More information is disseminated through eCollateral Web presentations are scheduled
  • Appointments are set for the client’s sales professionals or subject matter experts

Collateral Fulfillment

It is neither the purpose nor the goal of the highly credentialed and educated NIH Research Consultants to become “order takers” for your prospects who wish to receive and review your company collateral. Instead, our Consultants want to assume an “ownership” role in bonding with your prospecting client base. For this purpose, we offer as a value added service, fulfillment of your electronic collateral requests. This may include .pdf information, white papers and/or specific links to your company website. We accomplish this with the following steps:

  • At project inception, your IT team assigns the NIH Research Consultants a dedicated seat on your email server. Emails sent are branded to YOUR company name.
  • The NIH Research Consultant includes a personalized note to your prospect while identifying themselves as a representative from your marketing department.
  • After collateral is sent electronically, the NIH Research Consultant immediately schedules the follow up call in accordance with the direction given by the prospect. No one slips through the cracks!
  • Once the NIH Research Consultant “touches” your client post-fulfillment, they will collect additional feedback in response to the information reviewed and pass that information on to you.
  • If an email address proves to be incorrect or not in working order, we will call back in to the prospect to confirm the information and hence, provide you with the most accurate and up to date information about your prospect’s contact data.

CRM Interaction

NIH research works closely within your CRM system (www.salesforce.com, Sugar, etc.) once provided a seat and adequate permissions. This ensures no opportunity or task goes unnoticed.

Event Optimization

Keeping your name in front of clients and prospects is key! Our dedicated efforts can more than double attendance at your client events including:

  • Trade Shows: Avoid empty booth. 
  • Webinars: Who’s watching?
  • User Group Event: We recruit and conduct real time registration.