Our Process

Our Process

Very simply, NIH Research & Consulting, LLC (NIHR) is a Total Sales Support Solution for the healthcare industry. That means that we consider and offer services that touch every single aspect of the entire sales cycle.

In fact, you can think of NIH Research as a total outsource partner for research and marketing or as your remote research and marketing department. Either way you look at it, you’re getting the full array of services that most companies can’t afford to staff at the level that we do at NIH Research. Our approach is designed to get results and yield high performance for your lead generation and market research goals. And, because our specialized process was developed specifically for the healthcare industry, you can rely on our findings to power your sales and marketing efforts.


Every NIH Research project begins and ends with a thorough and complete transfer of useful information. At the campaign’s onset, we educate our staff on:

  • Your company
  • Your products and services
  • Your competitors
  • Your sales process
  • Your company’s market position

Then we solidify this information in the minds of our market research and lead generation specialists through role playing, situational training and objection handling. The result is an experienced healthcare team that’s armed with a deep understanding of your company’s goals and how to achieve them.

Strategic Development

After the education or training phase, we develop the approach for reaching your specific target market. We can even help you identify your target market if you’re exploring new or unfamiliar territory. At this stage we:

  • Construct qualifying questions and scripts
  • Define lead categories and distribution methodology
  • Establish reporting logistics

A Project Manager is also assigned at this point to see that the campaign is carried out in a manner that yields the full potential of opportunity for your company.

Campaign Launch & Execution

Only after careful preparation do we begin with telephone research. We make between 20 and 30 calls every hour so that we can attain an optimum number of respondents to classify into one of four lead categories:

A Leads – Active selection within 12 months

B Leads – Active selection within 12- 24 months

C Leads – General interest, requested information

D Leads – No current plans

MO – Missed Opportunity

We’re able to deliver such impressive results because of the highly-specialized skills of our consultants. They do more than contact leads; they ask probing questions and collect detailed comments so that your sales force has a tremendous head start when following up on the opportunity. With internal employees, you’re lucky to see 3-4 hours a day of productive lead generation work. With NIH Research you can more than triple that productivity while avoiding the expense of insurance, vacation time or other benefits and the same time.

Reporting & Analysis

Because no one benefits from a lead generation campaign they can’t use, NIH Research takes the extra step upon completion of your campaign to review your results and compile them into a format that’s intensely helpful to your sales representatives, including:

  • Free form comments
  • Rating scale for each lead, not just “hot leads”
  • Printed or electronic report formats

Your information is checked, rechecked and proofread for accuracy and completeness by NIH Research management so that your team can confidently follow up any viable opportunity without feeling the need to “cherry pick” leads due to an information gap.

Information Transfer

Our final step after quality control is delivering the information to you, our client. We’ll make sure to include everyone on your staff who might stand to gain from the results we’ve procured. Sales representatives, management, support staff and others are all taken into consideration when we share our findings. It’s why we give you:

  • Daily electronic results
  • Weekly campaign updates
  • Summary reports for management