This month’s NIH Research & Consulting (NIHR) Staff Feature is on Dave Blumberg. Dave is a wonderful asset to our team and has brought great success!

Why are you passionate about the Healthcare Industry? 

From a human perspective healthcare directly helps people to live a better quality of life and to live longer. Healthcare professionals are very often front-line responders and take personal risks to fight disease and others’ injuries and afflictions. From a business standpoint healthcare is one of the most recession-proof verticals along with producers and distributors of food. Business-wise, people often “must” spend money to address their health, and money flows into the system from the government via Medicare and Medicaid as well. There is never a lack of funds to support healthcare.

What do you enjoy most about working with NIH Research & Consulting clients? 

The client representatives such as the sales marketing executives have been top-shelf; honest, professional, intelligent, perceptive, and friendly. They have been delightful to work for and with.

What do you like most about the NIHR culture? 

NIH culture has been a model environment to work in. Everyone works hard, is always polite and respectful, and works together to produce exemplary results for the clients.

What do you appreciate about working with the NIHR Leadership Team? 

NIH management is the best to work with! They offer all the support that we need, and if you do your job professionally and produce results for our clients, they are never overbearing and do not micro-manage us. I also appreciate the fact that the management team is very knowledgeable and very good at what they do, which benefits the clients and employees.

What do you think is your biggest business strength?

My experience, my ability to learn fast, my work ethic to work hard, and my personality! I have successfully sold everything including investment strategies, corporate barter (which is based on a concept), software, solution sales, hardware, digital transformation, AI-assisted software, and healthcare solutions. Everyone is usually competing to sell the same solution or similar products. In the end, I always say you are selling yourself! After all, the decisions are still made by humans and human interactions. On a side note, at NIH we are not selling anything (except ourselves) because it’s BDR work, we find leads for others and in my humble opinion you must be a conversationalist or as we used to say, have “the gift of gab” to be successful, produce and get desired results.

What are some successes or milestones you’ve achieved at NIH Research & Consulting? 

I am very proud of the work I’ve done at NIHR for TruBridge! They have renewed their contract no less than 7 times. A happy client is a very valuable asset for all of us at NIHR!

Dave stands out on our team for his integrity, detail-orientation, and magical knack for finding needles in a haystack. He’s excellent at engaging others, bringing positivity to our work. His dedication and approachability, combined with his talent for sharing captivating stories, make him highly valued by colleagues, clients, and managers. We’re proud to have Dave as a key member of our NIHR Team. – Cindy Kanstoroom, Founder, NIH Research & Consulting

Share with us a fun fact about you! 

Twenty-five years ago, I revolutionized B.A.S.S. club tournament fishing in New York State with my “wacky-worm” technique and with my unprecedented success “from the back of the boat” as a non-boater, making the New York State 6-man team 3 times, rookie of the year in 2 clubs and finishing as high as second place in a club known for its’ very competitive environment.

Congratulations to Dave from all of his colleagues on Staff Feature of the Month!