NIH Research & Consulting (NIHR) has generously donated to the South Palm Beach County YMCA LIVESTRONG program. The program launched in 2018 and assists cancer survivors who are in the process of regaining their strength. The series of classes helps participants thrive and connect with other survivors. The goals of the program are to empower adult cancer survivors to improve functional capacity and to increase their quality of life through an organized program of fitness and strength offered in a supportive, small-group setting.

To help kick off the YMCA LIVESTRONG program, NIHR provided a substantial donation for those who need financial assistance.

“The financial support from NIH Research has allowed many participants to enjoy the LIVESTRONG program without having to worry about the financial cost of participation. Many of our participants are still going through cancer treatments and are unable to work. Removing the barrier of fees has been a huge blessing. Participating in the program gives them a sense of normalcy and allows them to regain their strength, both physically and emotionally,” says Robin Nierman, Director of Healthy Communities, YMCA of South Palm Beach County.

The LIVESTRONG program provides participants with a better quality of life, improved fitness, and a significant decrease in any cancer-related fatigue they might have. The program lasts for 90 minutes and is offered twice per week for 12 weeks. Participants focus on building muscle mass and strength, increasing flexibility and endurance, and improving confidence and self-esteem.

“When we heard that people may be turned away from this program for lack of funds, we knew instantly that we wanted to help. Whether you are fighting cancer or having a rough day in recovery and remission, having the sense of support and community is essential for healing. The kind people at the YMCA know a little something about creating community. It’s our honor to support them today and in the future,” says Robin Day, Managing Principle, NIH Research & Consulting.