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"I hired Robin and NIH research while at Picis to identify potential customers for the company's electronic documentation systems for the hospital emergency department, OR and ICU. Robin and her associates were extremely detail-oriented and very flexible when the objectives changed. I was extremely pleased with the results as we were able to provide additional leads for our sales department. Anyone hiring NIH Research will find everyone there very personable, communicative, reliable and competent. This is one company that understands a marketing ROI."
Rodney Neaveill
Director of Marketing / Jefferson Radiology

"What I am particularly impressed with is their knowledge of the market and how quickly the NIHR team is effective in lead generation with minimum direction from me. NIH gets their call team on board quickly, learning about the product and what, whom to call and gets results. The sales call notes are very detailed. They handle everything that an in-house marketing and sales team would do."

Thomas Pianko
Healthcare Technology Information Systems Senior Executive / Global Key Accounts
"Having worked as both client and later vendor to Robin Day it is my distinct pleasure to endorse her many business skills and competencies. She has, in ALL our dealings been sharp, quick witted, fair and capable. Sharp: Robin understands business situations and cultures. She picks up on information and circumstances quickly and thusly can change direction on projects with speed and agility. Quick Witted: Robin can solve problems and is nonplused by their existence. She has business savvy that, when well applied, can help fix things... quickly. Fair: Robin has always been fair and prudent in our business dealings. She is bright, so contract negotiations go smoothly. She possesses a broad range of business knowledge in many industries upon which she can draw. Capable: Robin is one of the most capable business people that I know. She is charming and warm, but at the same time she is the person to go to when handling important business matters. She is dependable beyond measure and understands the notion of being responsible for outcomes."
Angelique Swann
Territory Representative / Nobel Biocare

"Robin is a professional in every sense of the word. In addition to high level strategic business planning capabilities, she is also a subject matter expert. Her years of progressive roles is clearly evident in her work ethic and deliverables. She is clearly a thought-leader."

Jamie Dye
Chief Development Officer / MedSynergies

"Robin has been a pleasure to work with. She has a very in-depth knowledge of the healthcare industry. She understands her client's needs and offers innovative solutions to meet those needs. I look forward to working with Robin and her team at NIHR in the future."

Michele Dal Santo
Account Executive / DST Health Solutions