This month’s NIH Research & Consulting (NIHR) Staff Feature is on Gary Bennett! Gary has a wealth of knowledge and over 20 years of industry expertise in Technology, Sales, and Research.

Why are you passionate about the Healthcare Industry?

The pace of technological change has been phenomenal over the past decade. At NIH Research & Consulting, we have the opportunity to introduce caregivers to these amazing new technologies that provide healthcare organizations with new efficiencies while also improving patient outcomes.

What do you enjoy most about working with NIH Research & Consulting clients?

I enjoy learning about new technologies, getting to know the challenges our clients face, and helping them introduce new products and services to the healthcare community.

What do you like most about the NIHR culture?

Working with a highly experienced team at NIHR, I learn something new from my co-workers almost every day. Everyone brings something unique to the table.

What do you think is your biggest business strength?

I have 30 years of experience in healthcare technology and vast knowledge of the sales cycle. I also have an extensive background increasing brand awareness for companies expanding into healthcare information technology (HIT) verticals. I understand what it takes to be successful to help our clients find their own unique niche and identify opportunities. Many of our clients are rolling out a new product or new technology and this experience is pivotal. I excel at identifying the right people for our clients to speak with because I understand the sales cycle and technology extremely well.

What are some successes or milestones you’ve achieved at NIH Research & Consulting? 

The thing I enjoy most is getting repeat business from customers. I excel at finding the pivotal contacts and key decision markers to effectively communicate the value proposition of our clients.

“It is a huge win for NIHR and our clients when we retain a Consultant like Gary. Gary’s tenure in the healthcare and technology space prior to joining NIHR years ago lends itself to his ability to quickly engage his clients and provide valuable insights for them. We’re always eager to see Gary shine on a new project. We learn a lot  from his observations and interactions with the market. Gary has a unique way of approaching people that makes them feel comfortable and forthcoming. He has a lot of character and authenticity. You can bet once he puts his name on something, it’s going to be successful. We are happy to honor our friend and colleague this month.”  – Robin Day, Managing Partner, NIH Research & Consulting

Share with us a fun fact about you!

 I study Maya Hieroglyphic Writing and have spent quite a bit of time exploring Maya ruins in the Yucatan and Guatemala. This interest started early in my career when I earned Sales Person of the Year at a software company and I won a trip to Mexico. A friend of mine sent me with a book on Maya writing and it led me to this fascinating hobby. I now attend conferences on Maya Hieroglyphic Writing all over the world.

Congratulations to Gary Bennett from all of his colleagues at NIH Research & Consulting on Staff Feature of the Month!