Dawn Abbey

Dawn AbbeyDawn brings over 25 years of expert experience in sales, product and business development to the NIHR team. Dawn has an extensive background at F500 companies specializing in medical device, pharmaceutical and infusion therapy B2B lead generation, sales, program development and campaign management. Prior to joining NIHR, Dawn was a Professional Healthcare Representative at Pfizer for over 10 years, and specialized in product launches, presentations and creating call plans. Specialties included cardiology, infectious disease, and urology. In 2014, Dawn was voted to receive the prestigious "Kaizen Award" by her peers at Pfizer. At Walgreens Home Fusion, Dawn served as a Sales Consultant and sold medical solutions related to infectious disease, oncology, nephrology, cardiology, urology, and gastroenterology to key decision makers within medium- to large-sized hospital systems. Dawn won the esteemed “President Club” award in 2013. At Becton Dickinson (BD) Medical, Dawn served as a Medical Surgical Sales Consultant and Area Field Trainer. Dawn specialized in developing new business markets related to infusion therapy, injection therapy, anesthesia/OR procedures, and biohazard waste management. Dawn was one of six elite trainers in the U.S. and was responsible for the company sales training program and materials. Dawn earned the “Rookie of the Year” award in 2008. Dawn holds a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) with an emphasis in Marketing from Baker College in Michigan.

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