Case Study: NIH Research Generates More Than $23M in Revenue for Key Client



M*Modal, a leading provider of speech recognition and clinical documentation solutions retained NIH Research & Consulting (NIHR) to address its branding and lead generation needs. The company retained NIHR’s services to generate fresh leads, enhance brand recognition and educate prospects about the company’s new and existing product offerings.


The NIHR team quickly developed and implemented an initial 500-hour Proof of Concept engagement that included comprehensive tele-prospecting and high-level field support. NIHR worked with M*Modal to develop strategic talking points, focus on value propositions and establish a process of seamlessly communicating their findings to the company’s management and account executive teams.

In addition, NIHR engaged directly with each of M*Modal’s account executives to identify and help fill the gaps in the geographic areas where their presence needed to be bolstered.

Working as an extension of the client’s team, NIHR utilized Salesforce CRM integration, weekly meetings and detailed reports providing complete visibility for their comprehensive lead generation efforts. This enabled M*Modal to immediately act upon the latest information and advance their pipeline.

“NIH Research has consistently delivered extraordinary results and value for our business. Their staff is exceptionally knowledgeable of the Healthcare Market, and their lead generation capabilities are easily the best in the industry, bar none.” Ray Ibarguen, Executive Vice President, Sales & Marketing, M*Modal


NIHR’s extensive lead generation campaign proved to be so effective that M*Modal extended their engagement multiple times leading to a productive six-year partnership. Over the course of the entire engagement, NIHR engaged 100% of M*Modal’s prospect base, generated more than $23 million in unique new business revenue, and delivered a staggering 1,178% return on the company’s investment.

Specifically, as a result of the initial campaign, NIHR was able to identify and target audiences of interest, interact with gatekeepers and the C-Suite, and produce qualified leads. Ultimately, NIHR uncovered new business opportunities for M*Modal through the implementation of targeted branding and relationship building efforts.