Case Study: NIH Research Expands Scope of Work by 1,800% after Exceeding Client Expectations



A global science and health analytics company initially retained NIH Research & Consulting (NIHR) in 2016 to bolster lead generation efforts for its clinical solutions. The company wanted to identify key decision makers across both academic and non-academic health care institutions to help increase its market presence in areas it had not been able to penetrate previously. Although the company had internal resources available to undertake this campaign, it chose NIHR for its known experience and effectiveness in the areas of market research and lead generation in the healthcare and healthcare information systems industries.


NIHR immediately launched a 500-hour campaign focused on both telephone-centric engagement and augmentation of the client’s existing marketing efforts. Utilizing its unmatched expertise and reputation in the healthcare field, the NIHR team quickly identified and established relationships with senior decision makers across the set of targeted institutions and delivered over 300 completed and rated leads to the company. Throughout the project, NIHR rapidly communicated its findings and generated leads for the client’s internal teams, enabling them to leverage this new information in real time.

"NIH Research is one of the few lead generation companies who know how to speak the language of C-level executives in the healthcare field. In addition, their ability to quickly get up-to-speed and manage multiple projects simultaneously has been tremendously helpful to us over the years." - Vice President, Global Science & Health Analytics Company


At the end of the initial campaign, NIHR delivered a combined 12% of A- & B-rated leads, 27% of C-rated leads, which was much higher than what the client had been able to achieve previously. Impressed with the high caliber of service, speed, and effectiveness of the NIHR team, the client has not only extended the campaign multiple times, but also expanded its scope of work into six additional projects. As a result, NIHR’s initial engagement with the client grew by nearly 1,800%.

Today, NIHR continues to work with the client on multiple concurrent projects, including processing and delivering an almost 40% A-rated lead ratio from the incoming inquiries on the client’s website, conducting additional lead generation and market research campaigns, and supporting the client’s ongoing events and marketing initiatives.