Case Study: NIH Research Delivers Exponential Return on Client Investment


NIH Research & Consulting (NIHR) was retained by a multinational healthcare consulting company seeking to gain better insights from their existing clients, newly onboarded customers and recent prospects who chose not to retain their services. The company sought to identify customer support areas needing improvement, introduce other products and evaluate if their ongoing services were meeting client expectations.


The NIHR team developed and executed a telephone-centric engagement plan involving customized surveys, highly engaging talk tracks, and protocols for gathering the sought-after data. NIHR implemented the work rapidly, conducting Win/Loss Studies along with traditional Customer Satisfaction Surveys for pre- and post-implementation purposes as well as gauging long-term customer satisfaction.

NIHR engaged with 100% of the client’s major business accounts. Insights were organized, documented in great detail, and compiled into a comprehensive, user-friendly report that enabled the client to precisely identify areas of varying customer satisfaction. NIHR worked diligently with the client to establish a repeat call-back schedule based on the feedback reported by each of the engaged client accounts.

“Our partnership with NIH Research for Customer Satisfaction has proven to be crucial in helping us strengthen and maintain real relationships with our clients. The extensive feedback gathered by NIHR allows us to gain a deeper understanding of our clients’ needs ahead of any problems, which considerably protects our revenues and opportunities for continued growth.”

CEO, Multinational Healthcare Consulting Company


As the result of NIHR’s campaign, the client identified and rectified specific customer service issues across accounts representing more than $300,000 of revenue. NIHR helped shift the company from a reactive stance to a proactive approach that served its clients and demonstrated clear commitment to not only meeting but exceeding expectations.

“Acting as a third party on behalf of our client to interact with their customer base yields a level of detail and substance that is eye-opening. The dynamic of an arm’s length communication allows their customer to speak in a more candid manner that preserves existing relationships while allowing a space for improvement and growth. There is measurable value with this model.”

Robin Day, CEO, NIH Research & Consulting

NIHR also created opportunities to introduce the full range of the company’s service offerings. As a result, the company retained existing business accounts, deepened its relationship with them while also expanding the scope of work and generating more than $125,000 in additional revenue.

The NIHR Customer Satisfaction Campaign delivered an exponential return on investment, yielding vital information that the client is using to retain and strengthen ties with current customers, continually improve its services, and generate new revenue through opportunities to upsell and cross-sell their customers.