Carin Hanan

Director, Client Support Net Promoter® Certified

Carin HananCarin Hanan has been a respected and valuable member of the NIH Research team since 1999. She possesses a finely tuned expertise in the areas of client service, account management, lead generation and consulting. She has successfully produced results and managed projects in every area in which NIHR excels including HIS, Best of Breed Solutions, EMR, Revenue Cycle focused solutions and numerous other solutions related to hardware, software and consulting applicable to the healthcare arena. Her experience with a wide array of NIHR clients and, more importantly, being at the “front lines” of the prospect market, makes her an invaluable member of her clients. Carin has also taken ownership of the Sales Department at NIH Research, contributing during times of expansion and strategic growth. Prior to joining NIHR, Carin worked extensively in marketing to the healthcare community at executive and management levels. Carin created, developed and managed a company to produce newsletters for many industries, including healthcare. Her interest in and experience with the healthcare market led her to NIHR. Her undergraduate degree is in Journalism and she has advanced credentials in marketing and healthcare administration.