It’s Testimonial Tuesday! At NIH Research & Consulting (NIHR), we are honored to help our clients succeed. Watch our testimonial from Greg Goodale, Vice President of Marketing at CorroHealth.


“We’ve worked with NIHR for multiple years. We’ve seen over $7 million in opportunity value brought along just in the last year. They operate like an extension of our team. They actually feel like they’re on staff and the people they’ve brought to our account are well versed in the healthcare space. They take the ball and run with it and they have delivered some amazing results for us.”

– Greg Goodale, Vice President of Marketing, CorroHealth

Founded in 1992, NIHR provides professional consulting, specialized market research and lead generation to the healthcare and healthcare information systems industries. NIHR’s educated industry experts develop and implement high-level marketing and sales support services. NIHR excels in delivering informative research and quality leads to clients, and has a proven track record of providing essential market insights to the highly technical healthcare industry.