This month’s NIH Research & Consulting (NIHR) Staff Feature is on Amanda Hood! Her rich career includes over 20 years of experience in technology, computer science, entrepreneurship and marketing.

Why are you passionate about the Healthcare Industry?

It’s rewarding to work in an industry that provides solutions, products and services that advance the medical field. I really enjoy working with the software and the different platforms and extensions that our clients use, and then breaking that information down for their prospects. I’m a self-proclaimed “computer nerd.” I’m really interested in the technical aspects of this advancing industry.

What do you enjoy most about working with NIH Research & Consulting clients?

Every new client utilizes different tools. I get excited about each new campaign. I do extensive research and learn as much as possible about what they’re promoting. I learn about that application and what it does, how dynamic it is, and how it’s going to provide solutions. This research allows me to provide important information and unique touchpoints to the decision-makers. I can discuss the intricacies of the solutions extremely well. For example, right now we’re working with a company that is providing very extensive analytics related to COVID-19 populations. It is fascinating.

What do you like most about the NIHR culture?

We have an amazing team here. Every single person here is truly awesome. We’re all about helping each other out and working together. We have comradery. To be so tight-knit is pretty amazing. I love the company culture here. Robin and Cindy are great leaders and really set the bar in education and intellect with each addition to our team.

What do you think is your biggest business strength?

My communication skills are definitely a strength. I excel at breaking down complex technical information. I also have excellent conversational skills. The human element is key.

What are some successes or milestones you’ve achieved at NIH Research & Consulting? 

I’m proud that I was promoted to the Project Manager role within 6 months of being employed at NIHR. My work ethic and skills were quickly recognized. I’ve managed multiple campaigns with much success.

“While NIH Research is filled with many formidable talents, Amanda is exceptional in her ability to make strides in even the toughest markets. Her industry knowledge is her foundation, however, her personality and instant credibility on the phone are what help her advance client goals. Amanda is instantly likable and engaging by her clients and their prospects alike. She is a triple threat as a great listener, writer and strategist. She is highly sought after from our client base. We are thrilled to be celebrating Amanda this month!” – Robin Day, Managing Partner, NIH Research & Consulting

Share with us a fun fact about you!

I have 2 cats, 2 dogs, 2 leopard geckos, and 3 children ages 10, 12, 15. It’s a busy home and always fun!

Congratulations to Amanda from all of her colleagues on Staff Feature of the Month!