Our teleprospecting services are the key to supporting your sales team….just don’t call it telemarketing. Teleprospecting is a critical aspect of any marketing and sales effort. A positive response to a high-level, professional call is the difference between having a seat at the table and being an unknown.


The telemarketer’s goal is to reach a large amount of people and move them along a structured, scripted sales process.

  • Telemarketers utilize a business-to-consumer (B2C) selling practice.
  • Telemarketing typically involves many sales calls made to long lists of generic recipients.
  • The call is typically one-sided and not complex, as there is no specific target market.
  • There is not much time allotted for these calls. The telemarketer doesn’t necessarily care who is on the other end, their goal is to achieve a high number of calls to meet their sales numbers.
  • Telemarketing almost never involves multiple touches and typically focuses on selling low-ticket items.
  • The Telemarketing Rep is normally an entry level position that requires no experience.

According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the number of consumer complaints about unwanted telemarketing calls in 2018 totaled 5.7 million, and the number of complaints about robocalls totaled 3.8 million.


Teleprospecting is a complex function that utilizes a business-to-business (B2B) selling practice.
Before picking up the phone, the Teleprospecting Rep will have researched the best contacts and titles involved with the decision making process at the target company.

  • Teleprospecting consists of both cold and warm calling.
  • Teleprospecting activities are performed by industry educated team members able to engage and communicate with key decision makers.
  • Teleprospecting requires dialogue, expertise, education, savvy and soft skills to gauge the market, identify business needs, and propose solutions.
  • Teleprospecting involves multiple touches including follow up calls, meetings, and emails.
  • Teleprospecting supports your Sales Teams by qualifying leads. Depending on the business need, the Rep also sets up appointments with prospects and follows up via phone and email.
  • This is the dominant sales model for reps in B2B, tech, SaaS, and a variety of B2C industries selling high-ticket items.

According to SiriusDecisions, “Contributing leads that consistently convert to a pipeline is the essence of the modern B2B marketing function. Quality leads are the result of a number of things going right – an understanding of the buyer’s need, a compelling value proposition, a compelling message, and timing.”

Support That Propels Your Sales Team Success

NIHR is a Total Sales Support Solution for the healthcare industry. We specialize in nurturing prospects through the early stages of the sales cycle, so your Sales Team can focus on what they do best: sales. Our Best Practices approach truly maximizes your sales and marketing opportunities.

According to a Sales Study by HubSpot, it takes an average of 18 calls to connect with a buyer, and 50% of your prospects are not a good fit for what you’re selling. With these stark numbers, it’s especially important to have the right data and knowledge of the product and service to effectively engage with the prospect.

According to a recent article by NIHR: Why Meaningful Phone Calls Are Essential, a recent HubSpot study states that more than 40% of salespeople find that prospecting is the most challenging part of the sales process, followed by closing (36%) and qualifying (22%).

With NIHR on your side, you can be sure that you’re targeting the right prospects at the right time and offering them services and products relevant to their current needs. Because we focus on the healthcare industry only, we specialize in identifying and communicating with your prospect’s key decision makers, as well as qualifying leads and setting appointments to support your Sales Teams. In discovery, we identify and assess Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL) and nurture them when applicable into Sales Qualified Leads (SQL). Not all leads are qualified to go straight to sales. This important step of differentiating one from the other not only saves your Sales Team a lot of wasted time, it’s the foundation for a qualified lead hand-off. When marketing and sales campaigns are in alignment, everybody wins!

NIHR: Leading the Way In Sales Support Solutions

  • Identify qualified opportunities
  • Increase development of a robust sales funnel/pipeline
  • Cover territory more efficiently
  • Reduce the cost and duration of the sales cycle
  • Increase sales and revenue
  • Enhance strategic positioning
  • Build brand awareness/company name recognition
  • Recover potential missed sales opportunities
  • Nurture MQL into SQL before hand-off

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