This month’s NIH Research & Consulting (NIHR) Staff Feature is on Mary McCullough. Mary has been with NIHR for 15 years! We honor her many contributions to our team and clients and support her on her journey into retirement!

Why are you passionate about the Healthcare Industry?

It’s amazing to witness the rapid advancements in healthcare information technology. All of our clients are leading the way in game-changing ways to improve so many areas including clinical documentation, speed, efficiencies, patient care advancement. It’s really exciting.

What do you enjoy most about working with NIH Research & Consulting clients? 

I really enjoy working with our clients to achieve their goals. NIHR clients are on the cutting edge in systems and technologies and it’s truly wonderful to work with them. We have one on one meetings and it really creates that necessary layer of synergy that advances ROI and generates leads.

What do you like most about the NIHR culture?

The NIHR culture is so supportive and uplifting! We have an outstanding team and we encourage one another on our goals, milestones, and projects. Our synergy is amazing. We also have a flexible environment that really advances our productivity on so many levels.

What do you think is your biggest business strength?

I learn new products very quickly. I quickly assess the value and determine specific pain points to be effective. I have over 14 years of experience in this realm and a wealth of knowledge and key relationships in the industry. I remember the details such as type of healthcare or IT system a particular hospital has before I start a new campaign. This knowledge nurtures very effective, targeted campaigns.

What are some successes or milestones you’ve achieved at NIH Research & Consulting?

Over the years, I’ve generated quite a few ‘A’ leads worth millions and millions of dollars in revenue for our clients. When our clients succeed, NIHR succeeds. I’ve had many clients ask for me again on new campaigns because I really mesh with their team and they were impressed by the quality of leads I helped generate. This is definitely a success!

“We are both happy and sad to announce that Mary is taking her well-deserved retirement this year! She will be greatly missed, especially by her many repeat clients. Mary is a special breed…her work ethic is something special. Mary never backed down from the hardest assignments or the most complex protocols. She took on every new challenge with a smile and was highly skilled at making sense of emerging technology and trends. We would always have new hires work with Mary because she exudes such confidence and positivity while being calm and so effective. It’s bittersweet that we say goodbye to Mary…as a colleague….she’ll always be our friend!” – Robin Day and Cindy Kanstoroom, Principal Managing Partners, NIH Research & Consulting

Share with us a fun fact about you!

My husband and I like to ride our Harley-Davidson. We’ve traveled quite a bit over the years and have been on many trips and to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. I’m retiring soon and we recently purchased a new Harley, and we’re excited to add some miles! I’ve always wanted to write a book and am excited to get started on that.

Congratulations to Mary McCullough from all of her colleagues at NIH Research & Consulting on Staff Feature of the Month!