This month’s NIH Research & Consulting Staff Feature is on Joe Machuta! Joe brings a dynamic combination of experience in Marketing, IT, Business Development and Sales to his role with us. Joe’s diverse background plays an integral part of our team and client success.

Why are you passionate about the Healthcare Industry?

I’m passionate about the Healthcare Industry because I believe that it’s one of the most important areas in life that affects all of us. Literally every single one of us. Being in a role that helps the industry improve directly contributes to society as a whole. Our work helps impact someone’s well-being. This is extremely rewarding work.

What do you enjoy most about working with NIH Research & Consulting clients?

I really enjoy helping our clients advance their product lines and the intricacies and challenges that go along with it. Part of our job is to identify the information we need to be successful, to help them be successful. We work successfully together to identify those pain points and develop winning solutions. Our clients are truly great to collaborate with.

What do you like most about the NIHR culture?

The NIHR culture is people oriented. Robin and Cindy care. They always remember birthdays and special occasions. They really make you feel like you’re special. They also believe in work/life balance and at NIHR, we have the flexibility necessary to achieve it.

What do you think is your biggest business strength?

With my unique background in Marketing, IT, Business Development and Sales, I excel at staying on top of the pulse of total marketing integration. I’ve been on all sides of lead generation from developing the pipeline to closing the deal. Having this knowledge is so important and extremely useful to our clients. The landscape of lead generation and demand generation has changed greatly and I stay on top of the necessary ingredients to build that recipe for success. We utilize lead scoring and a variety of factors to provide the best quality.

I have an excellent grasp of value propositions, how to explain them, how to translate them into benefits. Often, the products we work with are feature oriented. I really excel at explaining how those features translate into benefits and how those benefits will solve a pain point or improve their process.

What are some successes or milestones you’ve achieved at NIH Research & Consulting?

I excel at the power of leveraging. For example, a client I’m working with right now has recently positioned themselves as thought leaders, and by doing so, they’ve brought a lot of people to a very warm place in their sales funnel because they offer such great content. I was able to communicate how effective that strategy was and how to tap into that. The prospects I spoke with really appreciated the knowledge and content they had provided.

I’ve worked on numerous projects to identify what is working, what isn’t working, and provide recommendations to alter their strategy for increased ROI. I also help our clients really determine their prime target. This is so important and it’s often a gray area to them. Before we come along, they’re spinning their wheels going after the wrong targets. We help them understand their ideal target market.

I’ve also leveraged multiple aspects together on many client projects. i.e. Marketing to the closing of the sale to help steer the customer in a direction where their campaign would be more advantageous.

“Joe is the kind of person I have in mind when discussing our valuable services with a prospect. I always want to say, ‘Just let me introduce you to Joe and you’ll understand how our staff is unique.’ Our people are truly our best asset. Joe’s expert input is always genuine and on point. We are honored to celebrate Joe this month!” – Robin Day, Managing Partner, NIH Research & Consulting

Share with us a fun fact about you!

I really like photography and I’ve become quite good at it. I shoot landscapes, cityscapes, portraits and some abstract photography. I love the intersection of technology and art. I became a photographer as soon as digital cameras hit the market. It’s funny, in my younger days, before the days of digital, I wasn’t interested whatsoever in photography due to the old-school film developing process. My favorite T-shirt has a picture of a camera and it says “I promise honey, this is the last camera I’ll ever need.”

Congratulations to Joe Machuta from all of his colleagues at NIH Research & Consulting on Staff Feature of the Month!